Sports Notes: Tebow, Bernie Fine, Potential Rondo Trade And More

30 Nov

Since I haven’t written a sports related article in some time, I want to take today to talk about multiple things that are happening at the moment.  Since the start of the Thanksgiving weekend, there have been a good deal of goings on, and I’m sure it will only continue into this weekend with conference championship games and the NBA getting closer to the start of what will surely be an insane week of free agency.


- Let me start with what seems to be everyone’s favorite topic these days.  If you guessed not buying tickets to the B1G title game, your close, but it’s actually Tim Tebow. Ok, now I really didn’t want to let myself get all caught up in this Tebow mess, but I couldn’t help it.  I am so tired of hearing or reading the same argument each and every day.  Sure he is mind blowingly inaccurate at times and the way he plays may not last all that long in the NFL, but the kid is winning.  What more do you want from him when you trade away his best receiver prior to his first start.  He might be inaccurate, but how can you expect much more from him when his best target is Eric Decker (how does a front office allow that to even happen).

Between the media and John Elway, just shut up and enjoy what this guy is doing.  Stop with the “it’s only a matter of time until he fails” talk.

I will never try and defend it if someone told me he had been bad at times this year.  I mean he has been horrific at points this year, to the point where it appears he is setting the game of football back decades, but at the end of the day, he just wins football games.

There is something about Tebow that we all saw from the first time he stepped on the field as a Florida Gator.  It wasn’t always pretty, but no matter what, he just finds a way to win.

Let me be clear, I don’t have a problem if you are anti-Tebow and think he is pure garbage and it’s a matter of time before he can’t pull these crazy games out of his ass anymore.  I am just tired of hearing the same argument every single day.  Let’s just embrace the absurdity of what is happening before our eyes.  Even Willis McGahee has found is inner Tebow since Tim came in as the starter.

Note to John Elway: Apparently you didn’t get the memo that your shoes are extremely hard to fill in Denver.  How about some encouragement for your quarterback who is 5-1 as a starter?


- Incase anyone missed it, Bernie Fine is a pedophile… This whole thing first with Penn St. and now Syracuse is horrible.  The fact that Fine’s wife was recorded talking about this in 2002 and we’re only now hearing about it is absurd (she is also clearly insane from that outside the lines piece as she slept with one of the victims too).  What about having one person come forward and say he was sexually abused isn’t enough evidence?  I just don’t understand how they could say that one person isn’t substantial evidence.  I feel that’s the equivalent of telling this man he doesn’t matter enough.  Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like that isn’t the message you want to send to someone who was abused as a child.

I saw on Twitter the other day where someone said the best way to stop this is to not allow children that aren’t immediate family to stay in the hotel room with these coaches on road trips….Uhhhhhhh YOU THINK!!! Are you kidding me?  I fully support the idea, but let’s maybe try for some more drastic steps to stop this.

As for Syracuse, this isn’t going to go away until Jim Boehiem does.  I’m sure it’s not his fault that this didn’t get stopped sooner, but in the end, he is the head coach and is thus responsible for all goings on in his program.  This happens to be a pretty bad thing that went on right under his nose.  Whether it is soon or after the season, I don’t really see Syracuse with any choice but to move on from Boehiem following this incident.  He clearly isn’t grasping the severity of this, which is terribly unfortunate and it’s sad that we might have yet another legendary coach loose his job and have his record tainted because of the horrible acts of those who surround them.


- College football, for me at least, seemed to be a lost cause yet again this season between Louisville and IU.  IU ended their season with a modest 1-11 record last Saturday after loosing the Bucket game to Purdue.  They embarrass me.  On the other hand, after a 2-4 start, Louisville finished their season 5-1 and have clinched at least a share of the Big East title.  If Cincinnati looses to UConn this weekend, Louisville will be the Big East BCS representative.  Yes, that is correct. The Big East is THAT bad that this Louisville team might be going to the Orange Bowl.  Last year I was upset that UConn went by default, but as much as Louisville doesn’t exactly deserve to be in a BCS bowl game, if they get the invite, you will not hear me complain.  They have had a truly remarkable turnaround this season and no matter what, the future is bright, as they are loaded with extremely talented underclassmen.


- It appears the Celtics are interested in moving Rajon Rondo in hopes of landing Chris Paul.  If the Celtics want to win it all this year, I think this would be a great move.  I love Rondo, but he feels slightly out of place on this team.  He needs to be on a team that loves to run and push the tempo and score quickly.  The Celtics aren’t exactly that anymore with the age of their big three.  Chris Paul feels like a much better fit with the team simply because of his ability to score in the half court.  Rondo flat out cannot shoot the basketball and as good as he is, it’s just not the right fit anymore I don’t think.

The Problem here is that there seemingly no way you could convince CP3 to sign an extension with the Celtics, which you would imagine they would want to do in order to actually make this trade a reality.  Paul, a free agent after this season, would be foolish to sign a long term deal with the Celtics as they will in all likelihood be a completely different looking team a year from now.  Unless Paul really wants to be in Boston for the long term no matter what, I can’t see him taking the blind risk of potentially being on a non-competitive team.


In a rather comical note, after only playing 15 games in Turkey, Deron Williams Jersey was retired by his team, Besiktas.  Congrats, Deron, I’m sure you earned that honor…


As I was writing this, news broke that Mike Leach will be hired by Washington St. as their new football coach.  I cannot wait to see the mad scientist back on the sideline next year.  It’s been way too long.


- Finally, this is embarrassing to anyone who has ever lived in the state of Indiana, no matter how brief:

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